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The ribbon art is fun to build, accept all the cutting. Fun to look at when finished, and finally, coming up with a name. They take on an anthropomorphic quality (human like form).

A dancer, two dancers embraced in each other’s arms, a runner, someone embracing life, and even a swimmer.  Your imagination will tell you what you see.

Some of these pieces have up to six different positions and of course the view changes as you walk around them.


Ribbon Art

The spiral, to me, is the most pleasing of forms. It can be seen everywhere, in flowers, waves, water moving over the rocks in a river as it makes a way to the sea, a fiddle fern, a coiled centipede, the windblown snow and the double helix of a DNA strand.  The spiral is seen in all quarters of this exquisitely crafted world in which we live.  My ribbon art is my attempt to work the spiral in my hands and to create a pleasing and enjoyable thing to be seen.

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 61 x 58 x 64 in


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