The Spotted Rhino


This peace is a statement against and my indignation of, the senseless killing for art and skewed medical ideas of the Rhino the Elephant and other animals

Spotted Rhino, would be a commanding peace in any room, for living room, to board room.  The topography of this piece beckons to be touched and should be.

I have long thought that my panels would lend themselves well in a school for the blind, as they so tactile and well…  big and make a profound statement.


Hammered metal with a copper acid wash.  Wood Frame

This is a hammered sheet steel piece. After drawing the image onto the metal, I then trace the lines with a

chisel to set the steel and to also see the drawing of the back side from which I hammer it. Depending on what the design dictates, I use patinas, paints or plate with copper, in this case I used a copper acid wash and  then  clear coated it for durability.


Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 66 x 2 x 54 in


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